I'd like to begin by thanking Stephen King. The highlighted words shown below, from his book, Stephen King|On Writing, have been popping into my thoughts all weekend. Why is this concept so difficult to understand? Secondly, I'd like to share a little about nightmares. I was never afraid of monsters as a child. Instead I feared … Continue reading hands

common ground

This past Saturday I visited the Burlington farmers market with the intention of buying sweet peas, looking at flowers, reading a good novel and drawing plants in the park. Secretly, a fantastical part of me imagined some cool person would catch the title of my book or notice the flower species I was drawing and … Continue reading common ground


  (photo taken by grace buckley) My family gathered in the "itty-bitty chic" living room of my sister’s 3rd floor Brooklyn apartment, on Black Friday of 2016. I listened quietly to the belting laughter of my Mother and her twin sister, the slightly less obvious laughter of my sisters and cousins at the expense of … Continue reading lost